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Dueling Network Tutorial

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<img src="http://i.imgur.com/bmFUw.png" align="center" width="670" height="80" border="45" />

For this tutorial, I will assume you already have a Dueling Network account and can access the main menu. The main menu looks like this:

I will go through all of the menu options in order.

Duel Room

This is the place where all of the dueling will take place.

*If you don't have a deck with 40 or more cards, the game forces you into Watch Mode
*If you have a banned card(s) in your main/extra/side, you can only duel Traditional

1. Advanced (Rated): Advanced stands for the Advanced format, which goes after the current banlist of cards. Rated means that this duel will go into your stats as either a win, loss or draw, and you will gain or lose rating (the first number next to the names) as well as possibly experience (the second number).

2. Advanced (Unrated): Advanced stands for the Advanced format, which goes after the current banlist of cards. Unrated means that this duel will not affect your stats at all, neither rating or experience. It will also not affect the number of wins/draws/losses in your profile.

3. Traditional (Unrated): Traditional stands for the Traditional format, which means that the banlist is active, but all cards that would be forbidden in the Advanced format are Limited instead. Unrated means that this duel will not affect your stats at all, neither rating or experience. It will also not affect the number of wins/draws/losses in your profile.

4. Mode: You can see in the screenshot what kind of screen is displayed when you have it on "Duel". "Watch" is very similar though, just try it out yourself.

5. Deck: Here you can choose which deck you want to use. Of course, you can only use decks you have created and saved under the Deck Constructor first. This is obviously the deck you're going to be using for dueling.

6. Filter/Sort: This is where you can find a specific person, or a person with certain amount of rating/experience easier and faster. Just simply type in their name or the number of rating/experience

7. Hosting Options: You can host your very own duel with those options. In the left options you can choose which format the duel should be in (Look at 1, 2 and 3 for clarification). In the right options, you can choose multiple other options.

The text you write into "Duel Note" will be written under your name in the duel window (For example, you could write stuff like "OCG", "TCG" or "Testing" as long as it follows the Duel Note Rules).

The text you write next to "Duel Password" will be the password that people need to enter the game and challenge you in your hosted game. If you leave it empty, no password is needed. It's a great option to let your friends be the only ones that can challenge you for this duel.
If you leave "Allow Watching" on, people can watch your duel by changing the mode to "Watch" (Look at 5).
The text next to "Watch Note" will be displayed for anyone who wants to watch the duel similarly to the Duel Note.
The text you write next to "Watch Password" will be the password that people need to watch the game, leave it empty if you decide there's no need for a password.

8. Mute button: Depending on how the button's set, you have music or not

Deck Constructor

You know you do need to create a deck to duel, and this is the place where you do it.
1. Card Information: You can see the image of the card at the top and the effect (or flavor text) of it on the bottom.

2. Deck: Well, the first (blue) part shows your Main Deck (which goes from 40-60 cards), the lime's the Side Deck and the purple one's the Extra Deck.

3. Card List: You can search for cards here, you have multiple options for searching, like the card name, description and type, attribute, etc. To add cards to your deck, just drag&drop them to your deck/side deck/extra deck.

4. Options:
Clear Deck: Clears your current deck of every card.
Sort Deck: Sorts your deck after types (Monster, Spell, Trap) and then brings them into an alphabetical order.
New Deck: Allows you to create a new Deck.
Rename Deck: Lets you rename the current deck.
Delete Deck: Deletes the current deck.
Save Deck: Saves the current deck.
Set as Default: Makes the current deck your default deck, so it'll be the deck that you use on default in the Duel Room, unless you change it.
Exit brings you back to the Main Menu.


The Rankings menu shows the Top 200 players based on three different stats, depending on which list you show.
1. By Rating: Ratings are calculated by the modified version of Elo Rating System .

2. By Wins: The more wins (On your stat) you get, the better you rank on that list.´

3. By Experience: The more experience you get, the better you rank on that list.

Profile Viewer

You can view your own, and other people's profiles here.
1. Username: You'll be seeing your own name when you click on Profile Viewer, but you can actually insert names in there.

2. Statistics: You see the profile picture the user chose and statistics over him. Ranking is based on your Rating. But also shows the number of wins/loses/draws you have.

3. Send Private Message: By clicking on this, you can send the user a private message

4. Add Friend: By clicking on this, you can add the user as a friend. When the user is online and is your friend, it will appear on the top of the online user list in blue

5. Watch Duel: By clicking on this, you can jump to the user's duel he/she is currently in right now, whether the user is dueling or watching a duel. If the user is in a duel that has a watcher's password, you'll also need to have the password to watch. If there's no watchers allowed, then you cannot watch the duel

6: Custom profile: You can see what the user inserted in the text box, and it can be pretty much anything appropriate.

My Profile

Here, you edit your own profile. Whatever you do in here will be shown to people in the Profile Viewer.

1. Avatar: You can choose an avatar that will be displayed in your profile. You can only choose your own custom avatar with certain conditions. these avatars are the ones from the characters of the Yugioh series, or certain monsters. Lots of those will have to be unlocked by winning in rated duels.

2: Custom profile. You can insert text in here that will be displayed to people who watch your profile.

3. Sleeves: You can choose a sleeve that will be displayed while you're dueling. You can only choose the sleeves that are already there and customize its color. You can only upload your own custom sleeves with certain exceptions

4. Redeem Donation: This is the place where you input your confirmation number after you have donated to Dueling Network. After you have input the confirmation number, you can upload your own sleeves and avatar for the time period corresponding to your donation

Change Password

This is where you change your password.


Brings you back to the Login menu.


Those buttons show up in every menu.
1. Online Users: That list shows you a list of users that are online at the time, in alphabetical order. To initiate a private chat with someone, double-click their name. The lime users on top of the list are friends followed by administrators, who you PM when having some sort of trouble with your duels.
Green ones are regular administrators, silver are the senior administrators while gold are the head administrators, in here, you can find out more information about them

2. Public Chat: This opens up the public chatroom of the server, where everyone can basically talk about pretty much anything appropriate, by appropriate, it means mind your manners and language, and don't spam Caps.

3: Private Chat. You initiate a private chat with someone by double-clicking their name on the Online Users List or in the Profile Viewer, but if you close or rather minimize the window, you can re-initiate them by clicking on that button. It gets reset when you exit the server.

4. Camera: This camera can take a screenshot and gives you the screenshot in a pop-up, just make sure your pop-up blocker is not blocking your pop-up when you use this function
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