Tour guide + Sangan

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Solved Tour guide + Sangan

Post  Nardes on 2012-01-16, 17:27

I have played against many who use the combo Tour Guide Of The Underworld with sangan.
Then i was wondering if Sangans effect is still activated when it is destroyed..

cause the Tour Guides effect says:
Its effects are negated, and it cannot be used as a Synchro Material Monster.

I would say no, when it says that the effect is negated.!
that means also if it is going to grave..


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Solved Re: Tour guide + Sangan

Post  MrChillmatic on 2012-01-16, 17:29

Tour Guide negates effects on the field, but Sangan's effect activate in the grave, so no it won't get negated & the player can search his deck.


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Solved Re: Tour guide + Sangan

Post  DefiniteOtaku on 2012-01-16, 18:31

Unless a card has a specific line of text tagged to it, if a card says it negates, it always applies purely to the field.

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