Duel Terminal Storyline (Offical Konami Story)

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Duel Terminal Storyline (Offical Konami Story)

Post  EvilHeroDarkgaia0 on 2011-11-12, 13:19

Duel Terminal Storyline

(From Master Guide 3.)

Master Guide 3.

The first Duel Terminal series features non-stop wars between tribes for supremacy, but none of them had the powers to overcome the others. However, invaders from space, the "Worms", arrived, interrupting their endless war. The native tribes created a temporary truce to fight off the invaders.

In the second Duel Terminal series, there lived 4 different elemental tribes: ("Gem-Knight", "Laval", "Gishki", "Gusto"). Like the first series, they too fought each other, but for their own reasons, not for supremacy. In the heavenly sky, the "Vylons" descended to cease wars; however, at the same time, deep within the earth's crusts, an evil group of creatures known as the "Steelswarm" awoke and began to invade the surface world. Wanting to protect their homeland, the 4 tribes joined together with the "Vylons" and obtained new powers from them.

After defeating the "Steelswarm", the "Vylons" decided the most logical way to prevent any more wars was by eliminating the other tribes. As the other tribes were all threatened by this, they joined together and combined their powers to resist the judgement of the Vylons. This new alliance finally triumphed, as they found the Vylons' weakness and used it against them. The Vylons fled, but a new evil appeared; it seemed that the "Verz" virus had spread rapidly, infecting any and all it came in contact with. The resistance thought they were strong enough to eliminate the infected, but they needed help. Together, they prayed for the assistance of the "Sacred", a legend that has been passed down for generations. As the remaining tribes find themselves outnumbered by the infected army of "Verz", the "Gishki" had no choice but to ally themselves with their enemies. By showing their loyalty to the "Verz", they managed to resurrect the "Steelswarm" and the dragons of the "Ice Barrier"; however, the "Gem-Knights", with their sense of justice, stood by with the "Sacred" knowing there was still hope left. Using every amount of their powers, the "Gem-Knights" combine together into the light that would save the world. After being amazed by the "Gem-Knight's" fusion power of justice and unity, the "Sacred" awakened their true power transforming themselves in one being of a legendary dragon.

The End of the Battle of the Duel Terminal World:
The history of war about the Duel Terminal World that started with "Synchro Awakening!!" Why do the monsters that live there fight? What is their fate? And, what kind of ending did it have? That story will be told here.

(Duel Terminal - Synchro Awakening!! → Duel Terminal - Pulse of the Trishula)

The Invaders that Appeared Out of Nowhere:
On that planet, many tribes fought each other for supremacy. It was a war that was at a constant stalemate because no tribe had the power to overpower any other. However, this war that was assumed to last forever was brought to an abrupt closure in a way that no one could have foreseen. The invaders from space, "Worm", have arrived.

Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier:
In order to fight back against the pressing invaders, The “Ice Barrier” unsealed the Ancient Dragon “Brionac.” With its power they fight back against the “Worms.”

Flamvell Uruquizas:
To fight back against the "Worms" that have descended, "Uruquizas", a powerful warrior of the "Flamvell" took off. With his burning fists, he incinerated the invaders to a crisp.
An Organization that Surpasses Tribes:
In order to fight back against the invaders, the warring tribes went into a ceasefire and joined together for the common cause. And in the end, the 4 most influential tribes (X-Saber, Mist Valley, Flamvell, & Ice Barrier) on the continent came together and created the "Ally of Justice". With their different levels of technology, they began to develop weapons to fight against the "Worms".

Ally of Justice - Ally of Justice Catastor:
"Catastor", which was developed very early on, had amazing specs and can be seen at the forefront of many great battles.

Genex Undine & Genex Controller:
The "Genex", a group of Automated Power Reactors, also began to move at the same time.

The Aggression of the “Worms” Intensify:[2]
As the days went on, the invasion of the "Worms" became more and more intense until it spread over the entire continent. Of course, the forest that the "Naturia" quietly lived in was not spared from this. They are not a tribe that enjoys fighting, however, in order to protect their home, they descend onto the battlefield.

Naturia Leodrake:
Using his claws to rip his enemy to shreds and his fangs to crush his enemy to pieces, "Naturia Leodrake" protects his friends and home.

Ally Mind:
An unknown material that was extracted from the meteorite that was thought to be were the "Worms" came from. Thanks to this, the AI of the “Ally of Justice” became tremendously powerful.

Ally of Justice Enemy Catcher:
The goal of the engineers had shifted from eliminating the “Worms” to capturing them and further powering up the "Ally of Justice".

Mist Valley Thunder Lord:
Disagreeing with the method of "capturing the enemy and using them", the "Mist Valley" leaves. At the same time, they stated that they will fight off the invaders by fighting only among those of their own tribe.

The Sealed Gods Awaken:
Perhaps it was due to the chaos of the war, the "Fableds" that were sealed deep in the earth were awakened. These gods did not lend a hand in fighting off the invaders, and instead began to move according to their own motives.

Fabled Valkyrus:
After glaring at the war-torn world, "Fabled Valkyrus" descended at the home of the "Jurracs" which were near.

Jurrac Giganoto:
The "Jurrac" which had barely been attacked by the "Worms" came into contact with the "Fableds". Against the evil gods that suddenly appeared, they fought back with the flames that enshrouded their bodies.

Genex Army:
To fight back against the "Worms", the "Genex" have evolved into a form that was suited for battling.
The Earth that Descended into Chaos:
In addition to the "Worms", the "Fableds" have also appeared, creating further chaos in the world. The “Worms” that will simply come back the next day no matter how many you defeat, and the "Fableds" that looked to simply be mocking those who fought against them by jumping into battle after battle have worn the soldiers out beyond belief.

Fabled Leviathan:
He appears in battlefields between the tribes and the invaders and indiscriminately annihilates everything in sight before leaving again. It appears that he was simply taking joy in seeing further chaos upon the battlefields.

Locomotion R-Genex:
The "Genex" have evolved further and gained a new power to allow them to become the "R-Genex". The power of their Power Reactors and their battle abilities were far superior than that of the "Genex".

The Release of the Second Dragon - Gungnir, Dragon of the Ice Barrier:
Seeing the swift dwindling of their troops, the "Ice Barrier" unsealed the Second Ice Dragon, "Gungnir". With one breath it turned a thousand enemies into ice statues and crushed them.

The Reinforcements that Appeared at Mist Valley:
After leaving the "Ally of Justice" and fighting only by themselves, the "Mist Valley" were in a state of huge disadvantage against the wave of pressing invaders. With a sudden gust of wind, reinforcements arrived. They are the legendary dragoons "Dragunity" that have came to aid in the "Mist Valley’s" time of need.

Dragunity Knight - Gae Bulg:
With secret techniques only passed down through their tribe, the "Dragunity" control dragons and combine with them heart and body to gain even more power. A group that lives in "Dragon Ravine", they had long became a mythical existence, but they appeared again in the midst of all this chaos.

Final Battle with the Worms:
Even though the invasion of the "Worms" had begun to slow down for some strange reason, the native tribes sensed that a final showdown was near and began to quickly assemble a final battle weapon. And then, a "Worm" whose size and sinister the likes of which never seen before showed itself.

Ally of Justice Quarantine:
It detected a distortion in space-time before the appearance of "Worm Zero".

Worm Call:
Something with so much mass that it began to distort and tear space is appearing.

Worm Zero:
Devouring its brethren, "Worm Zero" began to amass power. In the face of something that not only swallowed everything but also caused death and destruction just by moving, the native tribes could not hide their despair.

Ally of Justice Decisive Armor:
The "Ally of Justice’s" last ace that was built due to the threat of the upcoming final battle with the "Worms". At the end of much offense and defense, it fought back the "Worms".

The Power to Fight Against Gods:
The joy that the native tribes felt after being freed from the threat of "Worms" did not last long. The "Fableds" that had silently been observing all this time finally started an all out conquest. To fight against this, the "Ally of Justice" persistently negotiated with the "R-Genex" and finally gained their support.

The Fabled Unicore:
"The Fableds" that began to appear as the evil gods were close to full revival. They serve the "Fableds" with their supernatural powers and work as vanguards for the invasion.

"Genex Ally":
New weapons that were born in order to annihilate the "Fableds" that have appeared everywhere. They were developed by using the Power Reactors of the "R-Genex" and the technology of the “Ally of Justice”.

Jurrac Meteor:
After suffering the most powerful offense from the enemy, the "Jurrac" turned themselves into a meteor and burned up their homeland along with the "Fableds" that were in it. The charred site gave birth to a new tribe of Fire, the "Neo Flamvell".

Neo Flamvell Origin & Ancient Flamvell Deity:
The wishes of those who have lost their bodies in the impact of the "Meteor" came together and awakened the ancient flame god. The fire tribe and the flame god’s wills came together and decimated the remaining "Fableds" in their homeland.
And then the World…:
The world became more and more barren due to the never-ending fighting. To wrap things up once and for all, “Ice Barrier” decided to undo the seal on the last Ice Dragon "Trishula"... Without knowing that this will lead to the destruction of the world…

Medium of the Ice Barrier & Mirror of the Ice Barrier:
The words of the "Medium of the Ice Barrier" could not reach the rampaging dragon, and the "Mirror of the Ice Barrier" also proved useless in front of the dragon's power.

Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier:
The ancient and most powerful dragon "Trishula" awakened from its slumber, broke free from the control of the "Ice Barrier" and went on a rampage. Everything was frozen, and the hands of time stopped for the world…
(Duel Terminal - Vylon Descends!! → Duel Terminal - Judgment of Omega!!/Sacred Star Knights!!)

A Storm of War Blows Upon a New Stage:
A new Duel Terminal story that started with “Vylon Descends!!”. Four tribes that thought about nothing but their war and the sudden appearance of the armies of Light and Darkness. The tribes that each had their own thoughts and reasons are forcefully sucked into this battle of Light and Dark.

Light Shines Upon Fire and Earth:
After taking several repeated powerful strikes from the "Laval", the "Gem" finally decided fight to the end. In the middle of this battle, the "Vylon" appeared out of the sky.

LIGHT - "Vylon":
Living in a realm in the sky, the "Vylon" are basically gods to the world. They were originally monitors that watched over the world, but due to the intensifying of the war on the surface they finally decided to intervene.

Arrow: Intervention

FIRE - "Laval":
The "Laval" live in a lava zone that’s surrounded by Fiery Woodlands. A tribe that’s born for battling, all they want is to fight. For that purpose, they attacked the "Gem" repeatedly to start a new conflict.

EARTH - "Gem-Knight":
A group of knights embedded by the power of gems. Although they value honor above all else and hates useless fighting, against the provocation of the barbaric "Laval", they finally could not stand it and rose up to protect their friends.

Darkness Covers Water and Wind:
An unyielding battle between the "Gishki" and "Gusto". In the midst of their battle, the "Steelswarm" appeared, their goal - to devour everything in sight.

WATER - "Gishki":
An organization that wields the same power as the "Ice Barrier" but uses it for the “Aquamirror Meditation” to create wicked ancient rituals. In order to gain the bountiful resources of the Mist Valley Marshlands, they invade the "Gusto".

WIND - "Gusto":
A tribe that lives with the wind and worships the bountiful land they’ve lived on since ancient times. Against their various outside enemies they link their hearts together with and battle along animals that live around in order to protect their land through the generations.

DARK - "Steelswarm":
Demons that were sealed in the deepest abyss during the ancient times after losing their battle for control of the world against the "Vylon". After awakening from the chaos of the land, they began to invade the surface in order to regain their lost power.
The Threat of Darkness Spread Over the Continent:
The four tribes had no way of fighting back against the invasion of the "Steelswarm". They came under the command of the "Vylon" and created a temporary alliance.

Steelswarm Longhorn:
The "Steelswarm" that came out of the abyss ravaged the land, seeking to devour the "Vylon" that they once lost against in order to restore their power.

Vylon Element:
"Vylon" shares fighting power to those living on the surface to fight off the "Steelswarm".

Those Who Received Power:

Gem-Knight Crystal + Vylon Prism = Gem-Knight Prism Aura

Laval Cannoneer + Vylon Stella = Laval Stannon

Gishki Noelia + Vylon Tetrah = Evigishki Tetrogre

Reeze, Whirlwind of Gusto + Vylon Sphere = Daigusto Sphreeze
Direct Confrontation of Light and Darkness:
"Lose, and get eaten". In such a dire situation, the fight against the "Steelswarm" reaches a climax. Just when "Steelswarm Hercules" thought he was able to devour all, "Vylon Omega" descended from the heavens.

Steelswarm Hercules:
Releasing destructive shock waves along with his anger that destroys the surroundings, "Steelswarm Hercules" easily pacifies those who fear him.

Vylon Omega:
The light emitting from "Vylon Omega" turns any "Steelswarm" it reaches into smithereens and scatters them across the battle field.
DARK - "Verz":
A crisis has struck the Duel Terminal world. Life across the planet had their bodies warped and their minds slowly seized by desires to only destroy to the point it became impossible to even convey their intentions to others. The elders of the planet likened it to the ancient lore, and thus dubbed them the "Verz".

LIGHT - "Sacred":
The "Verz" have spread across the entire Duel Terminal world, which is about to end due to their influence. Those who remain pray to the legend of the "Messiahs" passed down by the elders of each tribe. Are these "Sacred", self proclaimed knights or the heralds of the stars?

Finding themselves outnumbered, something unbelievable happens to the Sacred Tribe!? The Gishki clan has lost all hope and joined forces with the verz and by proving their loyalty, they manage to resurrect the Steelswarm and the Dragons of the Ice Barrier, outnumbering the Sacred. But then, the Gem-Knights empathizing with their sense of justice, came to lend a hand!!

Seven colors become the Light that saves the entire world!! The Sacred witness the fusion power of the Gem-Knights, which is born of Justice and Unity. Finally awakening the true power hiding deep within themselves, the 7 chosen warriors transform into a legendary Dragon!!

Exclamation this is all i could find, if you can find the rest of the story plese comment a link

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Re: Duel Terminal Storyline (Offical Konami Story)

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I remember reading a full story version of this once. I might search for it later.
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Re: Duel Terminal Storyline (Offical Konami Story)

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Please do, I love the Duel Terminal storyline and the one on the Wikia just sort of...feels incomplete.

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Re: Duel Terminal Storyline (Offical Konami Story)

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bit of a necrobump but ok.
Couldn't find the nicely fan written out one.
Did find something similar on Pojo:

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Re: Duel Terminal Storyline (Offical Konami Story)

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