I can't login!!

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I can't login!!

Post  masik333 on 2011-11-13, 10:07


since I have no idea how to solve this problem I ask here Wink
When I start duelingnetwork.com I get the two boxes, one of them is the login box and the other one is the box with the news, the links etc.
Between these boxes, there is a blue line. Normally, this blue line gets changed into a "Duel"-button after loading, but in my case, it gets stuck at the blue line, even if I try to start it again or if I log in. And obviously, it doesn't matter how long I wait.

Can somebody please help me with that? I would be very thankful Wink

edit: Oh lol, now I've tried it again and it gets stuck at BLS + the information box.


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Re: I can't login!!

Post  Red_Chaos on 2011-11-13, 11:43

did you....
restart your computer?
empty your cookies and restart your computer
install the lastest flash system and restart your compter?


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